Set the S.C.E.N.E for ADHD

This course is for the parents who know their child is struggling but cannot get through the day with crying or yelling. 

We Are Here To Help

You Love Your Child, But They Are Driving You Crazy.

You love your child, and would do anything to help them. They are one of the most fun people you know but getting every day things done with them is a headache. They struggle with”

  • Getting ready for school.
  • Lying about little things.
  • Cleaning their room.
  • Big emotions & Anger outbursts.
  • Traditional discipline is not working.

You just want to help them but are not sure how to get through to them. This course is for you.


Our Students Love Us

“ You’re such an inspiration to me as a mum and as a human being. I love you’re genuine way of making me understand how the adhd brain works. Thank you so much for the knowledge, the laughter and the perspectives. It truly has helped me understand my son and given me precious tools to cope, and therefore it has helped us. Thank you“ 


Anyone who is struggling with parenting a child with ADHD needs to follow the ADHD mama FB page and take this course. She is very knowledgeable and provides lots of information and insight.


It was really helpful to learn a method of discipline that works WITH my child’s ADHD instead of adding fuel to the fire. Laura has a real knack with taking the adhd perspective and helping frame it in a way that I can start to make sense of it.


Laura’s down-to earth approach about parenting children with ADHD is refreshing. She’s relatable, offers real life skills that are applicable immediately, and has first-hand experience with everything she’s teaching.


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