Giveaway – Adult ADHD Course

Tame the Turmoil

I think I have ADHD, Now What?

Most support and content surrounding ADHD have been created for parents or kids, not for adults who have ADHD themselves.

Do you feel overwhelmed or often find it difficult to find resources that make sense for you?

Where do you start trying to help yourself when it feels like the world was not made for you?

Can you relate: 

  • Are you worried about losing your job due to your ADHD struggles?
  • Do you feel like you are drowning in household chores?
  • Are you often running late?
  • Do you feel like you never know what to do and want to hide?
  • Are you ready for help?

Giveaway details

To enter this giveaway, please fill out this questionnaire, providing your name and email at the end.  

The prize is 1 of 5 tickets to the upcoming Tame the Turmoil live 10 week course starting on January 15th till March 26th 2023 This course is live via zoom on Sundays at 3 pm est..

Giveaway runs from November 16th 2022 till November 30th at 11:00pm est.
Winners will be randomly drawn and announced live on Facebook on The ADHD Mamas Facebook page on December 2nd 8pm est. 
Winners will be contacted via email.
The giveaway is non transferable and cannot be returned for monetary value.
Any tickets won will be for the January 2023 Tame The Turmoil course, and will not be transferable to later course dates.
The giveaway is worth $999 CAD per ticket.
One entry per person.
The course Tame The Turmoil – runs from January 15th 2023 till March 26th 2023.