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Discover what you can do to support yourself or your child when it comes to having ADHD.  

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2022 Course Availability

Set The S.C.E.N.E. for ADHD – Parenting Course

You love your child, and would do anything to help them. They are one of the most fun people you know but getting every day things done with them is a headache. They struggle with”

  • Getting ready for school.
  • Lying about things.
  • Cleaning their room.
  • Big emotions & Anger outbursts.
  • Traditional discipline is not working.

You just want to help them but are not sure how to get through to them. This course is for you.

Pre recorded. Watch any time. Click the registration button bellow. 

Tame the Turmoil – Live Masterclass

Are you ready to Tame the Turmoil of your ADHD life, with or without medication? You may have heard that on top of the recommendation for medication, other supports are encouraged. No one seems to explain what those other supports need to be. This course is how you create those supports for yourself as an adult.

These courses run for five weeks consecutively. The class is at the same time and day each week. You’ll use the same zoom link to log into the class.

If you are interested in this course please email Laura at 

Discipline & ADHD – Parenting Course

Do you struggle with discipline for your ADHD child? Do you feel like they gets away with too much? Do you struggle to discipline and worry about making your child feel bad? Then this online course is for you.

Join Laura The ADHD Mama and learn about how to discipline someone who has ADHD.

This course is available pre-recorded online. Click the registration button below

Anger & ADHD – Parenting Course

Is your ADHD child angry? Do you find it difficult to find ways to get them to calm down and to listen? This course was made specifically for the emotion of anger. Teaching about the ADHD brain and techniques for parents and guardians to help support the person who has ADHD.

This course will be live on Wednesday, October 19th, 8pm est.
With Laura The ADHD Mama