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Laura The ADHD Mama

Hi, I’m Laura – The ADHD Mama, ADHD Coach and Educator. I’m also the creator of The ADHD Mama on Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube; which gets over 2 million views a year.  

I have spent over 21 years as an instructor working with youth and adults. For the past four years, I’ve helped over 10,000 parents, teachers, therapists, and pediatricians understand more about ADHD and how to support ADHD children.  

I haven’t always felt like a successful, confident mother who knew how to support my ADHD children. For the first 5 years of motherhood I felt like a complete failure despite having ADHD myself. I read every book, blog, and watched every video I could find. I couldn’t find the content I was looking for online, so I started to make it myself.  

Learning about ADHD and adjusting my own parenting is what made the world of a difference. 

Laura helps individuals, families, and schools with the challenges of ADHD.  Her approach blends education, collaborative problem-solving, and accountability, with compassion, and humour. Focusing on strengths and growth.

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Set The Scene For ADHD - Parenting Course

This on demand course is for the parents who know their child is struggling but cannot get through a day with crying or yelling. Discover how to handle it when your child says “I don’t know.” Find out how their ADHD brain works and why they struggle to clean their room and get ready in the mornings. Discover techniques and strategies that have been proven to work by thousands of families.

Tame the Turmoil - Adult ADHD Course

Discover feeling life having ADHD is normal and acceptable even if you have felt like there was something wrong with you before.  With this six week online course via zoom, find out how to problem-solve your ADHD induced-problems with the techniques and tools in this course. Meet, connect and learn from other adults who have ADHD.


Get one on one support for your ADHD struggles. Laura has coached people all over the world via zoom. Working with either parents who have a child with ADHD or adults who have ADHD themselves.


What People Are Saying

Highly recommend! This ADHD-friendly course gave me insight into how and why my ADHD brain works. With the RSCEC process, I can ‘interview’ myself, ask questions that help me realize the bigger picture and what obstacles are in my way. Now I have tools that can help me thrive!


Adult ADHD Participant, Tame the Turmoil

I am newly diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 39. I learned so many skills on how to work with my brain and accept my ADHD. It felt great to be a part of a small group and share stories and experiences. It was nice to not feel alone and be a part of something fun. This course is great if you are just learning about ADHD and trying to find ways to work with it and not against it.


Adult ADHD participant, Tame the Turmoil Course

I thought the course was very informative and I like that you allow for questions from the attendees. I like that the course isn’t cold and just here is the information. You make the course like a conversation with a friend. You explain how something works or happens with yourself or your children. I would recommend the course to everyone even if you don’t have an adhd kid because there are so many adhd folks out there who need people to understand them. I think this course would be great for counselors at schools and teachers as well who may not exactly know how to deal with adhd kids in classes as well.


Parent, Anger & ADHD Course

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